E1 – Easycut

Technical Features:

  • Work space: 1500 x 3000 mm / 2000 x 4000 mm / 2000 X 6000 mm
  • Automatic torch height control
  •  Acceleration max: 3 m/s2
  • Maximum interpolated speed: 65 m/min
  • Machine electrical power: 3 kW
  • Z axis stroke: 160 mm
  • Reduced size
  • Monobloc bench for a better kinematic
  • Easy of installation and use

Expected to support sheet materials such as: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel up to 100 mm thickness, divided into modular sections (700 mm approx) each equipped with an opening and closing system electropneumatic to allow the suction localized at the time of cutting for better optimization of the suction power.

Head plasma and movements on linear guides with recirculating ball movement through pinions and tilted racks for extra grip / precision.

Brushless motors with low backlash gearbox for the superior performance that can reduce downtime between one cut and the next.

Control with touch-screen panel features a Cad inside with 60 parametric figures for fast nesting without having to move from workstation equipped with CAD / CAM software outside.
Predisposition for remote assistance to provide the customer with a ready help in cases of doubt / problems.
Quick installation and commissioning.
Easy maintenance.

E1 – Easycut
The minimum to have the best

e1 amc system
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