S1 – Supercut

  • Opzioni disponibili:
  • ISO drilling unit 30 with 6 tools and automatic transmission
  • Minimum diameter 6mm
  • Maximum drilling diameter 26 mm
  • maximum thread diameter 18 mm
  • Minimal quantity lubrication unit
  • Possibility of mounting torque multiplier
  • Oxyfuel torch complete with proportional valves and cutting capacity up to a thickness of 300 mm
  • Positioning speed 10 m / min
  • Control when cutting with capacitive system
  • automatic switch
  • 3D plasma bevel cutting head for infinite rotation and tilt angle +/- 47 °
  • dot peen marking unit and inkjetSupercut can be interfaced with any type of plasma generator currently existing on the market.

Plasma cutting machine and / or Oxyfuel. High mechanical precision, high dynamics and versatility of composition make SUPERCUT the ideal model to be intended for all sheet metal cutters. Available in widths from 1500 to 6000 mm and length on request.

Technical Features:

  • Designed for large cutters
  • Automatic torch height control
  • max acceleration: 3 m / s2
  • Maximum interpolated speed: 65 m / min
  • electrical machine power: 3 kW
  • Travel Z-axis: 240 mm
  • separate bench by the crossbar to facilitate loading / unloading of sheets
  • Precision and superior performance
  • Possibility of installing oxyfuel / head bevel / drilling unit
  • Precision and superior performance

Expected to support sheet materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel up to 100 mm thick (Capability to support higher thickness on request), divided into modular sections (700 mm approx) each equipped with an electro-pneumatic system opening and closing to allow for the localized extraction at the time of the cut for a best efficiency.

Linear Guides Ball to enable superior performance. Twin motors with self-alignment system for increased reliability. Left floating for recovering the mechanical backlash. motion transmission via rack and pinion with helical teeth to ensure better grip and consequently a better yield. aluminum engine mounts for improved vibration resistance.

industrial PC to be able to resist any situation. Software with user-friendly interface for ease of interaction between operator and machine. CAD interior with possibility of nesting on board 60 figures paramatrich more the possibility to import DXF files without having to CAD / CAM external. Teleservice for quick assistance or just any doubts.

  • axis gantry engine
  • Double engine on the longitudinal axis brusless motors with low backlash gearboxes
  • Type of pinion / rack
  • Rack and pinion planetary teeth for better accuracy / performance
  • railway with 4-ball screw-way
  • Acceleration M / s 3
  • Full speed Mm / min 30
  • repositioning accuracy 0.2 mm
  • self-alignment system
  • System that eliminates the skewing problem of cross
  • height control
  • Automatic, integrated and fully digital
  • Laser pointer
  • Laser pointer for a careful selection of the sheet (little scrap)
  • fume extraction
  • suction system in sectors fumes
  • collision TORCH
  • magnetic media saves torch
  • Height from floor plan
  • 720 mm (facilitates loading / unloading of metal sheets)
  • CNC type
  • Industrial PC with touch screen monitor and 4 USB ports, 2 LAN ports
  • Work display in real time
  • The PC displays the worksheet, and real-time highlights sawing progress
  • Remote assistance via internet
  • you can connect to the Internet via pantograph to analyze its operation.
  • Possibility of cuts recovery
  • at any point of the program or return back the same
  • Better cut precision in the holes and small internal profiles
  • cutting tables (FOR OXI)
  • Ability to program times and pressures
  • Software for creating 60 Parametric figures
  • Ability to create parametric parts and import DXF from nestizzare on sheet metal
  • pantograph type
  • Portal on tracks
  • Flow cutting plane
  • Maximum supported by the bench thickness 100
  • maximum stroke (length)
  • mm Infinite
  • maximum stroke (width)
  • mm 6000
  • OXIFUEL compatibility
  • Compatibility DRILLING UNIT
  • ISO 30/40 SO / ISO 50-6 with automatic selection tools
  • Compatibility HEAD FOR BEVEL CUTTING
  • Bevel head ± 45 °
  • aluminum motor mount
  • marking unit
  • peen inkjet

S1 – Supercut
Versatility and high performance

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